Shepherd churches and their leaders who wish to be more capable in spiritual development


We are seeking to be specialists in service of real churches and pastors. We want to walk alongside congregations and their leaders to look at all they are doing and ask what effect it has on the development of their members towards Christlikeness.
We do not aim at having a prefabricated one-size-fits-all plan but offer to work directly with a leader or a congregation for a set amount of time (e.g. six months, one year).

Occasions for Encouragement



Phone Conversations

Want to just talk at a distance (or in Munich) about spiritual development? - Yours? Your congregation's? Your students'? We offer a listening ear, a kindred heart and, when appropriate, our expertise.



Outsiders sometimes have a clearer view of the situation than insiders, especially if they are knowledgeable and well-trained to reflect on what they see. We offer to visit your area of ministry to observe and ask questions and together, with God's help, to come to clarity about its prevailing spiritual culture.




Currently we are not sponsoring any events. But if you would like to sponsor an event in your area with planned dialogue or teaching in the areas of theology and/or spirituality we are willing to participate.



Currently we are not sponsoring any groups. But at times, we will sponsor groups so that like-minded persons in similar positions can encourage each other and learn from each other about spiritual development.




Quite intentionally, Sanctus does not offer prefabricated teaching units. But on any area of past or present writing or research, we are willing to come and teach for your church, ministry or school. Preferably, however, we would design a teaching session for the precise needs of your area of ministry - or recommend someone better suited.  


The people of God find themselves in all sorts of financial situations. For this reason we strive, like the apostle Paul, to bring high-quality service to the churches free of cost. But depending on our availability or current funding, we may have to say, no, or arrange some financial compensation.