The Thought of Dallas Willard

Recommended Reading

The following books are recommended to those who wish to study the thought of Dallas Willard for themselves. Regularly we will expand the list.

The Pentalogy


Dallas Willard – In Search of Guidance (1993) [shortened and published today as Hearing God (2012)]

Dallas Willard – The Spirit of the Disciplines (1988)

Dallas Willard – The Divine Conspiracy (1998)

Dallas Willard – Renovation of the Heart (2002)

Dallas Willard – Knowing Christ Today (2009)

Articles in Theology


Dallas Willard – “Discipleship: For Super-Christians Only” (1980)

Dallas Willard – “Asceticism: An Essential but Neglected Element in the Christian Theory of the Moral Life” (1985)

Dallas Willard – “Faith, Hope and Love as Indispensable Foundations of Moral Realization” (1987)

Dallas Willard – “The Spirit Is Willing: The Body As a Tool for Spiritual Growth” (1994)

Dallas Willard – “Christ-Centered Piety” (2000)

Dallas Willard – “The Craftiness of Christ: Wisdom of the Hidden God” (2004)

Dallas Willard – “Living in the Vision of God” (2006)

Dallas Willard – “The Bible, the University and the God Who Hides” (2007)

Dallas Willard – “The Gospel of the Kingdom and Spiritual Formation” (2010)

Dallas Willard – “Spiritual Formation as a Natural Part of Salvation” (2010)

Dallas Willard – “Discipleship” (2010)

Philosophical Books


Dallas Willard – Meaning and Universals in Husserl’s ‘Logische Untersuchungen’ (1964)

Dallas Willard – Logic and the Objectivity of Knowledge: A Study in Husserl’s Early Philosophy (1984)

Dallas Willard – The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge (2018)

Articles in Philosophy


Dallas Willard – “A Crucial Error in Epistemology” (1967)

Dallas Willard – “Perceptual Realism” (1970)

Dallas Willard – “The Paradox of Psychologism: Husserl’s Way Out” (1972)

Dallas Willard – “The Case Against Quine’s Case for Psychologism” (1989)

Dallas Willard – “The Unhinging of the American Mind: Derrida as Pretext” (1994)

Dallas Willard – “Knowledge” (1995)

Dallas Willard – “Who Needs Brentano?: The Wasteland of Philosophy without its Past” (1998)

Dallas Willard – “Knowledge and Naturalism” (2000)

Dallas Willard – “Naturalism’s Incapability to Capture the Good Will” (2002)

Books on Willard


Gary W. Moon – Becoming Dallas Willard (2018)

Some of Willard’s Favorite Books


Edmund Husserl – Logical Investigations

Augustine of Hippo – The City of God

John Wesley – Standard Sermons

Richard Foster – Celebration of Disciplines

William Law – A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life

Charles Finney – Memoirs

G.B. Stevens – The Christian Doctrine of Salvation

Aristotle – Nicomachean Ethics

Plato – The Republic

John Bright – The Kingdom of God

John Calvin – The Institutes of the Christian Religion

James Gilchrist Lawson – Deeper Experiences of Famous Christians

Jonathan Goforth – By My Spirit

Oswald Chambers – The Psychology of Redemption

Teresa of Avila – The Interior Castle

James Stewart – A Man in Christ

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