"Europeans, when they think they might need some spirituality, do not look to the churches. They do not think of the church as in the business of spirituality."
Michael Stewart Robb

the idea.

One of the most successful programs for impacting Europe in the past was that of St. Benedict, who created communities for spiritual growth all over the continent. The first missionaries Europe sent out had a very similar tactic. They did not start churches per se but mission centers, outposts that housed specialists in Christian spirituality, education, medicine or whatever the region needed. Today the great need in Europe is for wisdom in guiding other people on towards godliness. Our vision is for an ecumenical, international mission center that gathers that wisdom and brings it to Europe's churches.

the work ahead.

For many churches, the West's great history of Christ-empowered spirituality and spiritual growth has, sadly, been lost. But we envision a new day in which countless European churches are known as training grounds for a spirituality, relevant to contemporary Europeans and powered by Christ himself. To realize this vision, we believe work is necessary in three areas.


Bringing together
ministers and theological schools


Furthering knowledge
through writing and research


Walking alongside congregations
through a process of change

Sanctus seeks to be an intellectually credible institute for Theology and Spirituality which works across European borders and with all who share in the basic confessions of the church.


We respect the power of beliefs and ideas to shape human life.


We respect the unity of the Spirit in all of Christ's churches.


We seek viable Christ-empowered spirituality across Europe.

come with us.

We at Sanctus trade in ideas and in people. We are eager to grow our reach in both categories. We are actively looking for European authors, experienced pastors of spiritual growth, researchers in church life, professors of Christian spirituality, psychologists with a heart for God, and much more. We are looking across the whole continent.

Our heart is for congregations and pastors of congregations. If you want to become a Christ-empowered community that raises up great men and women of God, the whole point of Sanctus is to help you.